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  • 3 analogue oscillators (tri, saw, pulse)
  • 2 sub oscillators
  • Low pass 24dB transistor ladder filter, & 12dB high pass filter.
  • Contour ADSR, with auto trigger.
  • VCA gate/ envelope mode.
  • LFO (tri, sq, saw, random, pattern) routable to vco, vcf, pwm.
  • Any mix of LFO waveforms.
  • LFO rate can be controlled by contour shape.
  • Unique LFO 'pattern' waveform (can create pseudo arpeggios).
  • Modulation wheel routed to LFO depth.
  • Pitch bend knob (with centre notch).
  • 3 octave keyboard, with portamento.
  • VCO 3 can modulate VCF.
  • Hi freq. LFO rate (ring mod. effects).
  • Germanium transistor output stage.
  • Supreme quality Nichicon 'audio Gold' capacitors.
  • Hand crafted solid oak case.
  • Military-spec. precision electronic components.

The AR-57 Aurora Synthesizer is the current model in the line of hand built analogue synths from Harpur Instruments (the manufacturing arm of Synth Restore). The AR-57 was originally called the AR1, and briefly AR51, though the only difference was a 2-pole filter, as opposed to a 4-pole type, in the new model.

There are facilities for pitch cv, and gate inputs, plus an external cv control for the filter. There's also an audio input, for processing external signals through the synth.

  • Orders for synths generally take about 3 weeks for completion (unless we have ready-built stock).
  • Each AR-57 Aurora synthesizer, is assembled & hand-finished on-site
  • An all-British built synthesizer (incorporating sourced parts from UK suppliers).
  • UK price £995 (UK collection only)


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Modern closely matched equivalents (built to order). Valuable synthesizer spares for all ARP gear. Also, you could use these modules as the basis for a custom built modular synthesizer. Free 1st class UK recorded delivery. Please use the drop-down option for International postage rates.

ARP 4012 vcf
ARP 4015 sample/hold
ARP 4019 vca
ARP 4020 adsr
ARP 4023 vcf
ARP 4027 vco
4075 vcf



VCS3 / Synthi VCO board

(built to order)

This is a pre-built equivalent for the oscillator PCB from the Synthi and VCS3 synthesizers.

The board is a direct copy, with original track layout, and plated contacts for insertion into the connector, plus closely matched transistors (and equivalents where relevant).

This board is supplied with a connector block, should you wish to incorporate it in a different way (ie a custom modular panel).

If you wish to use this item in anything else (other than a Synthi or VCS3) you will have to do your own technical research (schematics are available free online).

Free 1st class UK recorded delivery. Please use the drop-down option for International postage rates

ARP tri vco board

This item is fully built & tested to order

(actual size of board is 11 x 21 cm)

VCS3/synthi board (built & tested) £299
shipping options


Minimoog replacement PCB's

Replacement PCB cards for the Minimoog model D synthesizer. These cards are made to the closest spec. using exact components (where possible) and matched transistors (where required).

The PCB track layout and component sizes are almost identical, therefore giving the correct signal path, retaining the same rich fat Moog sound. (built to order)

.Free 1st class UK recorded delivery. Please use the drop-down option for International postage rates.


Minimoog Board 4 FILTER & VCA (complete, built and tested) £349
shipping options
Minimoog Board 2 dual ENV GENERATOR & KEYBOARD CIRCUIT (built & tested) £249
shipping options
Minimoog Board 1 OSCILLATOR CIRCUIT (built & tested) £399




Introducing the OC8 'Gold' boutique fuzz/drive pedal from Synth Restore. IN STOCK.



These pedals are limited to a short run of 100, and there are 11 in stock (as of May 2016). See audio demo link below.


Traditionally built on a piece of Paxolin board, and hardwired underneath. The circuit uses carbon composition resistors and Germanium transistors, to achieve an authentic classic sound.

OC8 Fuzz/drive





Replacement NEW manufactured keytops for synths that use 'Pratt Read' style keys.

These will fit on most classic American synths like Moog, Oberheim, ARP and Sequential (not Roland, Yamaha or Korg).

List of compatible synths HERE

Free 1st class UK recorded delivery. Please use the drop-down option for International postage rates.

Loadsasynths from synthrestore!!

Top C key
Black key 15 pack


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