Moog Minimoog replacement PCB's


ARP 2600 sub-modules


VCS3 / Synthi oscillator board


roland tb303

We service & repair Moog, Oberheim, ARP, Roland etc. Please email for a free quote.


Roland TR909

Secondhand synthesizers & music equipment, on our dedicated page - HERE


EMS synthi AKS

We can service your classics, like the VCS3, Synthi AKS. VCS3 complete boards here.


The new ZV-10

3 oscillator analogue synthesizer, incorporating a unique modulation matrix, for complex sound generation.

ZV-10 synthesizer only availavble through Synth Restore

The NEW ZV-10 synthesizer. Initially, there will only be 8 units, available NOW. (subject to stock).

The 3 octave synth (full size keys) is all-analogue, and is different from anything at this price (or even higher priced) that you'll hear.

UK price £475 (collection in person only)  

Visit the ZV-10 page, for specifications & audio demo's

The sound pallette comfortably sits between a Minimoog, and an EMS synthi, thanks to it's unique modulation matrix (a bank of switches under the keys, on the front panel)

The echo FX unit has infinite feedback control (just right for those unique sound effects) and the notch filter adds a totally different spin to the range of tones available.

Unit comes in an all-black packing box, with PSU and basic manual.

An all-British built synthesizer (incorporating sourced parts from UK suppliers).


The AR-57 Aurora synthesizer is our very own creation (manufactured under the name of Harpur Instruments).

It is not licenced to be sold by any other retailer.

Each AR-57 synth is hand-built and tested on-site, making it a truly British made product.

UK price £995

AR-57 synthesizer. Made in England.


3 analogue oscillators, 2 sub oscillators, LFO (tri, saw, square, random). Plus a unique 'pattern' waveform.

Circuits utilize Military-spec. components.

Full details of functions and audio demo's here.

If you are a dedicated synth-player or just interested in analogue sounds, the AR-57 covers a wide variety of both musical, and non-musical sounds.


From prog-rock solo's detuned with a fifth, to 'Radiophonic'-style electronic sweeps and atmospheres. Plus, extremely fat bases, and subs.





The AR-57 Aurora analogue synthesizer. Made in England.


The AR-57 has 3 powerful sounding analogue oscillators, which enable you to create detuned chord patches, and interesting sounds.

The modulation section is the key to the synth's versatility. All modulation waveforms can be mixed, in combination.

A unique 'pattern' waveform enables the creation of pseudo-arpeggios, and basic sequences. Check out the demo's for examples.


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